Center Industry Liaison Officer

Date: Sep 19, 2022

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Position Summary

The Center Industry Liaison Officer (CLO) works closely with WDRC faculty and provides the support needed in managing Water Desalination and Reuse Center’s (WDRC’s) engagements with extramural entities, including companies, research institutes, foundations, and government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. This position requires experience working with academics and technology transfer professionals to facilitate bridging the gap between laboratory research and commercial applications. The Center Liaison Officer also coordinates workflows between WDRC and administrative units within KAUST, including KAUST Innovation; Research Planning and Partnerships (RPP); and the Office of Research Administration (ORA). Therefore, this position requires broad training and experience in water-related research, especially in the Saudi context.


Major Responsibilities

 CLO will build collegial relationships with WDRC faculty membersto advance their research translation.

 Coordinate with faculty, KAUST Innovation and Economic Development (IED), and regional stakeholders to identify translational potential.

 Assist WDRC faculty in identifying, developing, and maintaining collaboration with industrial, governmental, and other regional entities. Tasks include, but not limited to, coordinating materials transfer agreements, nondisclosure agreements, visits and meetings; also, assisting faculty in tech demonstration in conferences/events.

 Serve as a key contact between WDRC faculty and KAUST Innovation & Economic Development (IED), Industry Engagement Office (IEO), Technology Transfer Office (TTO), and Research Planning and Partnerships (RPP).

 Assist faculty membersin developing pilot plants(or pilot-scale operations) via KAUST/external stakeholders.

 Track and follow up on contract negotiations and award status with relevant KAUST departments, such as KAUST Innovation and Office of Research Administration (ORA)

 Assist in arranging internships and job placements of WDRC students.

 Assist WDRC Director in reporting on current and potential R&D activities to the BESE Dean, KAUST Innovation, and other departments as needed from time to time; also help in preparing center newsletters.

 Help in promoting WDRC’s achievements locally, regionally and internationally via hosting delegations, giving tours, organizing conferences, and workshops.

 Ensure that all Center promotional material is correct; maintain an up-to-date communications / public relations section of the Center’s webpage. 


Essential Criteria

 Work experience in the water sector, e.g., government agency and/or industry.

 Proactive, constructive, humble, and ability to contribute in a multicultural setting.

 Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to build and motivate a team as well as communicate effectively with a broad audience within both academia and industry.

 Broad knowledge of current developments in the water, wastewater and environmental technologies industry and its utility industry and the relevant research trends and sustainable innovations.

 Experience with research translation towardssocial and industrial benefit.

 Identify external funding opportunities and assist in proposal development and communicate with funding agencies.

 Ability to search and understand scientific literature across a range of disciplines, combined with ability to interpret and synthesize information from disparate sources (scientific papers.



 Advanced degree (at least an MSc) in a water-related field, e.g., chemical, civil, mechanical or environmental science and engineering, and at least 6 years of recent work experience in the water utility industry in Saudi Arabia or other GCC countries.

 Solid time management, teamwork, and organizational skills.

 Ability to communicate with students, researchers, faculty, industrial R&D teams, and KAUST leadership.