Coastal Marine & Resources Core Lab - Oceanographic Specialist

Date: Sep 26, 2021

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

The Marine Operations group at CMR is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a fleet of 8 small boats and research vessels, a working pier and a diving support shop.  The group oversees the logistic involved in all marine fieldwork as well as the delivery of shipboard technical assistance for research cruises.

A key position within the Marine Operations team, the Oceanographic Specialist will ensure the successful execution of the technical program on all scientific cruises . The person will advise Scientists on oceanographic projects including program design, method development, extending to identifying, preparing and mobilizing the appropriate equipment. This person will also be responsible for ensuring the optimal and safe performance of oceanographic instrumentation including the training of users on the appropriate use of scientific equipment at sea. This position requires the person to spend significant time at sea. The role has a heavy diving component and the ideal person will be an active scientific and/or commercial diver.


Major Responsibilities


  • Responsible for the budgeting, asset management, equipment planning and safety of all sea going equipment. 
  • Oversees fieldwork planning to ensure proper implementation with strict adherence to the safety, and other protocols, of the operations.  
  • Coordinate with the users, ship crew, and onshore personnel to ensure that each research project has the required resources, training and relevant authority approvals. 
  • Co-develops oceanographic projects with users that may include, but not limited to: GIS mapping, bathymetric survey, water and sediment sampling, ROVs and AUVs. 
  • Responsible for planning, sourcing and deployment of subsea equipment involving commercial or scientific diving, or the use of ROV and AUVs. 
  • Lead the maintenance activities and performance assessments of all scientific and lifting equipment installed on the vessels, including documentation and reporting of such activities.  
  • Manage all collection and distribution activities for all scientific data collected on cruises. 
  • Manage the operation and performance of various sampling instruments such as: CTD and Rosette/Niskin samplers, multi-sensor moored assemblies, remotely operated vehicles, plankton nets, sediment corers.
  • Provide post cruise reporting on the performance of all equipment used including any recommendations for changes, alterations, repairs, calibrations or other equipment interventions. 
  • Required to assist with any underwater interventions in emergency situations. 

Other Responsibilities


  • Support or participate in outreach activities to help raise the awareness of cruises undertaken in the red sea. 




  • Proven track record of achievement and success in scientific or commercial diving.
  • Past experience and authority with training and assessment 
  • Capable of working at sea for extended periods of time
  • Prior experience in the management of equipment including planning and budgeting. 
  • Excellent survey, map production and report writing skills;
  • Able to work independently and as part of a multi-cultural research team;
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in oceanographic cruises and fieldwork surveys is essential; Good English language skills, both oral and written;
  • Extensive experience in scientific diving operations;
  • Proven competency as Safety Officer in marine operations;
  • Knowledge of electronics and mechanical engineering with a background in CTDs, water sampling equipment, plankton nets, sediment sampling equipment, ROVs, AUVs, scientific and commercial diving.




  • Bachelor degree or higher in Marine Science or related discipline;
  • Commercial and Scientific Diving certification is essential;
  • At least 7 to 10 years’ relevant experience in a similar role;
  • Recognized health and safety qualification.