Flow Assurance & Drilling Tech.

Date: May 17, 2019

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Major Responsibilities:

Under direction of Lab Manager,

  • Assist in the execution of standard as well as specialized experiments in fluid and solid suspension mechanics related experiments.
  • Aid in the development of such experiments, applying relevant practical and theoretical knowledge in conducting measurements and recording results.
  • Maintain relevant equipment and materials, coordinate service or repair, and ensure a stock of consumable materials and supplies for the equipment.
  • Ensure adherence to and compliance with HSSE procedures to maintain a safe operation environment at all times in the laboratory as well as sample preparation areas.
  • Perform research rock mechanics testing and system sensor calibration inclusive of understanding stress/strain relationship
  • Familiar with fluid flow and hydrocarbon PVT thermodynamics
  • Familiar with fluid properties with respect to asphaltene and wax precipitation

Perform maintenance and support for high-pressure equipment ex. pumps, transducers …etc.

  • Coordinate with Lab Manager on lab safety training within the flow assurance and drilling physics, engineering and chemistry domain, including initial training for new users and more advanced training for experienced users.



  • Possesses demonstrable expertise and independent working knowledge in a range of techniques relevant to flow assurance, drilling and sensing
  • Can run drilling fluids and cementation-related experiments
  • Can design and fit mechanical components using machine tools and techniques
  • Can monitor standard and specialized flow-loop and drilling equipment tests
  • Understands lab methods, and the ability to contribute to method development and validation
  • Can troubleshoot and conduct basic equipment repair as instructed by Lab Manager or other scientific staff or faculty
  • Is skilled in creative problem-solving
  • Machining and preparing of rock samples
  • Designing and fitting of mechanical components using machine tools and techniques



  • Prefer the Bachelor of Science/Engineering with demonstrated relevant understanding, knowledge, experience or expertise in multiphase fluid flow and rheology, mechanics of drilling, and flow and drilling-related sensing methods.
  • Prefer two or more years in a flow assurance, cementation, drilling research laboratory (academic or industry)
  • Master of Science/Engineering would be beneficial