Research Safety Specialist

Date: May 16, 2019

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology



The Research Safety Coordinator is responsible for certifying biosafety cabinets, laminar flow hoods, fume hoods, and other ventilation devices. The position oversees the calibration of various meters and monitoring equipment, conductions inspections, and assists other Research Safety Team program areas on tasks and projects. The position also assists with the transportation, storage, and disposal of radioactive waste disposal.


Major Responsibilities:


  • Performs certification and decontamination of biosafety cabinets per NSF / ANSI 49 standard.
  • Performs quality assurance testing on fume hoods, laminar flow hoods, and other ventilated devices/equipment in accordance with KAUST standards, including maintaining an accurate inventory of ventilated devices/equipment.
  • Maintain and oversee calibration of research safety test equipment, meters, and monitors including recordkeeping.
  • Conducts inspections and incident investigations of research areas, service corridors, Technology Park buildings, and other areas.
  • Assist other research safety program areas with testing and monitoring projects and tasks.
  • Assist with the management and disposal of radioactive waste including transportation, storage, disposal, and recordkeeping.
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures, guidance documents, training materials, webpage information, etc. related to testing, certifying, maintenance, and using ventilation devices and enclosures.
  • Work in partnership with Campus and Technology Park Services, Lab Equipment Maintenance, and campus stakeholders to ensure proper operation and efficient use of ventilation devices.
  • Perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of the employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of his/her position.




  • Knowledge of biosafety, chemical safety, lab safety, and radiation safety is highly desirable.
  • Must be mechanically inclined and have the ability to use a variety of testing and monitoring equipment, and meters used for health and safety areas.
  • Familiarity with working in research, biomedical, or bioengineering laboratories, or similar types of work environments.
  • Must be comfortable in a hands-on position in the field and carrying out administrative duties in an office setting.
  • Proficiency with MicroSoft Office Suite (Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word), Sharepoint, and Adobe products.
  • Must be self-motivated with the abilities to work independently and within a team environment.
  • Must be able to multitask on several projects, tasks, and duties on a regular basis, and meet deadlines.




  • Bachelors degree in biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, or related field required.
  • At least 4 years of work experience in health and safety, research laboratories, biomedical, or related fields. Previous work at a university is highly desirable.
  • NSF biosafety cabinet field certifier accreditation required.
  • Due to high campus customer contact, must have strong oral and written English language skills.
  • Experience working in a multicultural environment preferred.