Visualization Systems Specialist

Date: Apr 8, 2019

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Position Summary:


The Visualization Systems Specialist, as part of the Visualization Core Lab, will maintain all facilities and systems within the KAUST Visualization Laboratory.  A variety of assignments associated with the monitoring, troubleshooting and controlling of the visualization systems will be performed, including the installation and testing of software, initiating and performing of preventive maintenance on the operating systems, performing diagnostic tests as necessary, and other duties as required to support the use of the visualization facilities.  Other responsibilities include reviewing and preparing documentation for the computer system, and supporting the planning of system requirements for research projects, and working with staff scientists to develop custom visualization solutions that use the lab’s facilities.  The position will also involve interacting with individuals from outside of the Laboratory and supporting their use of the visualization systems.


Major Responsabilities: 


  • Maintain and troubleshoot visualization facilities in the lab.
  • Respond to user requests for facilities support and assistance, and administer systems solutions for multiple projects for lab users.
  • Work with Scientific Staff to develop visualization and analytics solutions for our users.
  • Software installation and licensing management for the visualization systems within the lab
  • Programming control interfaces to enhance visualization system functionality.
  • Maintain, service and troubleshoot computer clusters in support of tiled displays and virtual reality facilities.
  • Review and prepare documentation for systems, tests and installation of software.


Other Responsabilities


  • Propose, evaluate and deploy new software and hardware technology solutions for KVL’s strategic areas (3D Visualization and Large-scale Analytics).
  • Work hands-on with cutting-edge facilities, including, high performance visualization applications, computing equipment, networked visualization, streaming video, fiber-optics switches, tiled-display control software, clustered VR solutions, and facilities integration.




  • Managing, administering and troubleshooting large scale Virtual Reality and Tiled-Display Facilities: at least 4 years’ experience
  • Control System interfaces for A/V Facilities
  • Windows Administration (Server, Win8/10) - at least 2 years’ experience
  • Python/Javascript Programming: at least 4 years’ experience
  • Software installation, testing and maintenance.
  • Providing end-user-support to scientific users, and managing vendor relationships
  • .Net Technologies
  • Databases (postgresql etc.)
  • Fiber Switches and Routing (ThinkLogical Hardware)
  • A relevant qualification with relevant experience in a similar organization
  • Strong user focus and a genuine desire to assist
  • Fluency in the English language
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)
  • Demonstrated ability to work autonomously
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver projects on time
  • Experience with ticketing and issue tracking
  • Solid and demonstrable experience and skill in building client relationships




  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree required.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience working on large-scale visualization or A/V facilities.