Engineering and Facilities Management Jobs

Engineering and Facilities Management Jobs

As a center of innovation, KAUST continually pushes boundaries in terms of research efforts and physical space. Facilities include the University campus where students and faculty work, study, and do research, residential area where the community lives, and the research park where industrial partners are setting up a footprint within the region.

Facilities Management (FM) is responsible for planning, developing and project managing all facilities and improvements at KAUST, as well as, the operations and maintenance of all KAUST built up assets.

Our focus is on working and keeping up with the University growth and rapid development in terms of research facilities and also through the building and maintenance of facilities and various other community-building projects. FM presents an exciting opportunity to be part of innovative and modern solutions for KAUST facilities with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business.

Green Campus

The university buildings have been specifically constructed to utilize natural light and ventilation. Also, the buildings support a roof capable of carrying 12,000 square meters of solar thermal and photovoltaic arrays. These arrays will use the sun to produce 3,300-megawatt hours of clean energy every year.

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