Design Engineer

Date: Jun 12, 2019

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

KAUST is undergoing an exciting expansion of the design and fabrication capabilities of the Central Workshop, with the introduction of a new 400m2 Prototyping facility to serve the creative community of Kaust. The Prototyping Core Lab (PCL) provides space, expertise, technology, and a creative atmosphere for the general community, including students, staff, faculty, and commercial entities. This new facility was established to promote greater innovation, creativity, and collaboration for the development of ideas, technologies and products. 

The Prototyping Core Lab (PCL) is looking for a highly talented and self-driven individual with a passion for creative design and engineering with a proven track record of delivering technical solutions to complex problems. The Design Engineer will use strong technical knowledge, mathematical and design skills, and research methodologies to create innovative solutions to problems across a diverse areas of applications. As needed, you will be involved with initial concept, design, and fabrication of prototypes, employing problem solving techniques, leadership, and project management skills. The Design Engineer will be assisting startups, community members, faculty and students in the design and development of ideas, with the goal of transforming concepts into functioning prototypes. Candidate will demonstrate creativity and expertise in mechanical and/or electrical design, with the ability to assist users through the prototyping process.  The ideal candidate has a high degree of design knowledge and demonstrates the ability to communicate and work well with team members and users across the facility. 


Major Responsibilities


•    Work directly with Users, applying expertise in design, engineering and prototyping.
•    Train and mentor Users in the design and development of ideas.
•    Assist lead in the day to day operations of the PCL.
•    Work well with team and Users.
•    Understanding of facility equipment, i.e. 3D printers, saws, lasers, drill presses, etc.
•    Monitor all users in the facility, giving instruction and advise as requested. 
•    Ensure that safety rules are strictly followed by all.
•    Assist in developing instructional material.
•    Provide feedback as required.
•    Maintain a clean and orderly environment.
•    Perform other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the realm of the employee’s knowledge, skills and abilities in the Prototyping Facility.

Safety and Operations


  • Notify team lead of potential safety issues.
  • Adhere to, and enforce all safety regulations of Kaust with the users.
  • Notify team lead and manage any machine issues or non-compliances that could compromise shop safety.
  • Understand proper operational safety procedures of all equipment in Prototyping facility. 




  • Expert in design and engineering to direct in both team and individual projects.
  • Ability to communicate clearly with all in the facility.
  • Seek for technical and interactive rapport with the users. 




  • Expert in design and engineering, in a prototyping environment.
  • Good communication skills to visualize, understand and interpret user ideas. 
  • Expertise in working and collaborating with diverse teams in a dynamic, prototyping environment.
  • Skilled in CAD, giving attention to detailed modeling.
  • Working knowledge of FEA or other design and simulation methods
  • Materials knowledge to improve product development
  • Able to design and model mechanical/electrical parts and assemblies. 
  • Build a technical and professional rapport with the user community of the PCL.
  • High focus on quality, with a keen eye given to detail
  • Ability to development a concept into a functioning proto-type 




  • 5+ years design expertise in a design environment or other relevant industry.
  • Bachler degree in Design Engineering, Mechanical or Electronic Engineering.
  • A portfolio that shows a diversity of experience in prototyping or product development.