Petrophysics Technician

Date: Mar 20, 2019

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Major Responsibilities:

Under direction of Lab Manager,

  • Assist in the execution of specialized experiments in petrophysics, rock characterization, and coreflooding.
  • Aid in the development of such experiments, applying relevant practical and theoretical knowledge in conducting measurements and recording results.
  • Maintain relevant equipment and materials, coordinate service or repair, and ensure a stock of consumable materials and supplies for the equipment.
  • Ensure adherence to and compliance with KAUST laboratory and campus safety procedures to maintain a safe operation environment at all times in the laboratory as well as sample preparation areas.
  • Perform core flood experiments to mimic reservoir conditions at elevated pressure and temperature conditions
  • Apply flow concepts in porous media ex. Darcy flow and Klinkenberg corrections
  • Perform SCAL Steady state and Unsteady state Relative permeability measurement
  • Perform fluids preparations and measurement (viscosity, salinity, density,…etc.)
  • Perform maintenance and support for high-pressure equipment ex. pumps, transducers, etc.


  • Possesses demonstrable expertise and independent working knowledge in a range of techniques, including coreflooding, and a subset of XRD, XRF, SEM, AFM, NMR, liquid chromatography
  • Understands lab methods, and the ability to contribute to method development and validation
  • Can troubleshoot and conduct basic equipment repair as instructed by Lab Manager or other scientific staff or faculty
  • Is skilled in creative problem-solving
  • Machining and preparing of rock samples
  • Designing and fitting of mechanical components using machine tools and related techniques


  • Bachelor of Science/Engineering with demonstrated relevant experience or expertise in petrophysics, rock characterization, corefloods, or related areas in petroleum engineering.
  • Two or more years in a petroleum, geology, or geosciences research laboratory (academic or industry)
  • Master of Science/Engineering preferred