Student Intern Specialist

Date: Apr 26, 2019

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Position Summary:


The Student Recruitment Specialist is in charge of overseeing the experience of student interns at KAUST, including the recruitment, internship advertisement, on-boarding, social life, and post-internship relations. The specialist is expected to manage and implement the various internship programs that are run at the Division of Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Division (CEMSE). S/he works closely with the Division's faculty, Communication Coordinator, and Digital Content Marketing Manager to devise and implement efficient tools for recruitment of students. S/he will also liaise with universities both local and overseas to advertise the internships, in addition to listing the internships in the appropriate social and Web venues. S/he will work with other units at KAUST such as Academic Affairs, Graduate Affairs, Saudi Initiatives and other units as necessary to facilitate the activities associated with student interns at the Division. Good communications skills are a must.


Major Responsibilities:


  • Manage and implement the Divisional student intern recruitment strategy combining modern digital student vacancy dissemination channels and traditional tools such as presentations at relevant events and seminars.
  • Oversee and coordinate all activities related to internships in CEMSE Division, including the organization of specialized visiting student workshops and summer camps.
  • Develop, oversee and manage the social events related to internship programs while the students are on campus.
  • Develop, oversee and manage the on boarding of student interns.
  • Develop and manage post-internship relationship, and work with faculty to identify potential for candidates for graduate studies at KAUST.
  • Analyze the market of graduate study candidates and their quality worldwide, and determine promising focus areas (countries/regions/universities) for student recruitment.
  • Develop, with support of the Division's digital content marketing manager, a portfolio of tools for digital marketing of student and postdoc vacancies. Use the portfolio to carry out tailored recruitment activities for specific vacancies.
  • Regularly monitor and analyze the efficiency of various recruitment tools and activates, and optimize those as required to achieve a maximum return of high quality student applications.
  • Establish a network of contacts with relevant departments, career support offices, and personnel of universities worldwide, the graduates of which are promising in terms of suitability and likelihood to be interested in studies at KAUST.
  • Establish and maintain communication with prospective students, assist them in matchmaking with potential supervisors in the Division, help with clarification of admission requirements, academic programs, enrollment procedures, and student's life on campus.
  • Liaise with the Division's faculty to establish and maintain an up-to-date a list of student internships in all research groups.
  • Perform other related ad-hoc tasks as required.





  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Good overall knowledge of higher education systems worldwide.
  • Good overall understanding of terminology used in science & technology fields in an academic research environment, ability to converse on scientific topics at a popular level.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to plan, manage, and implement multiple tasks simultaneously and under time pressure, as well as to coordinate/cooperate on tasks involving multiple participants.
  • A passion for education and interacting with students
  • Well-developed interpersonal competence and intercultural sensitivity, ability to work both independently and in an international team.
  • Professional attitude towards work, with a well-developed sense of integrity and discretion.
  • Analytical skills und understanding basic methods of statistical data processing.
  • Well-developed general computer literacy
  • Desirably – experience in liaising with academic organizations in different countries.





  • Master’s degree with a minimum of three years of work experience in a university environment, preferably in roles related student recruitment, graduate affairs, or human resource management.
  • Proficiency in English, knowledge of Arabic or additional languages is evaluated as a strong supplement.