Teacher Assistant Development Program (TADP)

Date: Mar 8, 2019

Location: Saudi Arabia

Company: King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Job Summary

The purpose of the TADP is to help recent Saudi graduates get a start on teaching careers. This 1 year program helps prepare aspiring Saudis for a future in an International school. The TADP provides candidates with the knowledge and skills for working within an International Baccalaureate environment through a high quality preparation program.

The responsibility of the teaching assistants is to work closely with the teacher to support in the smooth and effective running of the class.


Major Responsibilities

- Assist the teacher with activities in collaborative groups

- Supervise or lead small group activities for children

- Taking and collecting children from specialist lessons 

- Bringing children to the school clinic for medical attention, when needed

- Supervise the class when teacher is not in the room 

- Supervise students off site on school trips and other external visits 

- Assist in the maintenance of the classroom organization (e.g. tidying, filing, etc) 

- Prepare and present displays of students' work

- Playground and recess supervision (including snack time and lunch)

- School bus duties that includes helping students from and to bus in the mornings and evenings


Technical Skills

Extensive computer skills in English including google docs, word and outlook. Ability to use or learn Smartboard.


Non-Technical Skills or Attributes

- Demonstrate and promote the elements of the IB Learner Profile

- Support the philosophy and values of the school by encouraging children to take appropriate 

  risk-taking, by using positive reinforcement, etc.

- Respect students’ social, cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds 

- Promote the inclusion and acceptance of all students

- Work collaboratively with colleagues as part of a professional team 

- Build and maintain successful relationships with students, treating them consistently, with 

  respect and consideration and to be concerned for their development as learners

- Continually seek to improve own practice, including through observation, examination and

  discussion with colleagues

- Demonstrate appropriate IT skills (e.g. MS Office, Outlook, scanning)

- Help children to become more independent

- Maintain confidentiality


Required Education

- Candidates with a University degree or Associate degree or High school education (Required degree in Education, or Early Childhood, or Special Education, or English)

- Must have graduated with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (out of 4)

- Able to speak English with sufficient accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in conversations with teachers and children – Intermediate level of English.


Required Experience

Preference for candidates with less than 12 months working experience prior to TADP assignment.

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